Friday, September 27, 2013

Well already into my third week, I have moved. All the Philippines district have moved down to the West campus/Raintree. It's really nice here! The food is better, we are in apartment style housing, and there is a nice stream right outside my house that makes studying outside amazing! I love the sound of moving water I have decided.

I have learned a lot about the Philippines this week from my teachers. So here is some information I will pass along:
Illonggo is brand new language for the church.... Book of Mormon was translated 5 years ago, but the MTC just started teaching Illonggo to their missionaries this past year. So all of my teachers learned Tagalog in the MTC, and had to learn Illonggo in the field. Well lucky for me I learn it here.
There is also no D&C and Pearl of Great Price in Illonggo.
We apparently do our teaching in English if the investigator can understand. Our Mission president is all for teaching in English.
Counting all the languages that I will know coming home include: Illonggo/Hiligaynon, Tagoloag, and Cebuwano. Its going to be hard, but God would not make us do this if there wasn't a way...
President Lopez has updated a lot of the missionary living spaces, so thats always a plus for me!

Honestly learning more and more about the Philippines, makes me more and more excited to get their. I really love the language already.... It's hard, but I LOVE IT! The sisters make learning a blast! I love them so much!!!

For some holy stuff I have learn.... I went to an awesome Devotional Tuesday night. Todd Clark spoke and it was awesome. He talked about inviting your family and friends at home to follow similar stuff we are studying to share a missionary’s point of view. I will try and starting letting you know! My favorite thing I took from the Devotional is: Treat anyone not fully active in the church as a lost sheep, NOT a black sheep. I have started teaching some more investigators. I teach with a RM so its weird, but he is teaching me so much!

Since today is our P-day, they let us walk over to jamba juice and Burger Supreme. It was nice! they had ESPN on and I got to catch a little sports center haha.

I love you all at home and praying for you everyday.

New address is:
Elder Young Unit 928
Oct 21 PHI-BAC
2025 N. 900 E.
Provo, Ut 84602

I still receive packages/letters at the old address, it just takes an extra day.

Keep me updated on the latest news and love you all!

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