Monday, September 16, 2013

Dad's Birthday Card

Hey dad, this letter is for you. I love you, thanks for always being a great example to me.  I have thought about giving up so much, but I know God put me in this situation for a reason. I’m taking it one day at a time. 

My companion and sisters both lift me up so much. Now I know why I had so many friends that were girls!  Thanks for always being my biggest fan! Plz write me letters and tell everyone else to also.  I need everyones support!

Make sure to keep everything running smooth and call Spencer w/questions. Oh and this is your Happy Birthday card. I Love you included in this something to send to the insurance about my shot. keep the blog going and I can’t wait to check my email. plz tell everyone to send letters! Plz plz plz maybe sent text w/my address. 

Oh the language is coming nice, the teacher is super good and learning w/sisters helps a ton.  Branch pres. said I need to tell myself I can do it, so that is what I have been working on. I had a small breakdown today w/teacher but I honestly think I can do this, actually I know !! Can’t wait to get out of here. 

The good thing is I can see all the lessons God is teaching me! Oh I’m also the district leader which is cool, but I’m the only guy so it’s a given, but I still need to step up!

My companions all talk about how hard their first week was and its the same as mine.  Remember the letters. Plz use dear its same day email. 

 Much Love

Right now I can’t wait to teach my investigator tomorrow.

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