Monday, December 2, 2013

Where much is given, Much is required

Thanks GIving in Staunton was so awesome! We have a huge meal in the 200 year old house. For the first time in my life, I actually felt the true reason we have the Thanks Giving Holiday :) We were able to do some work for the Robinson's before Thansk GIving dinner. We started to chop up the 80ft tree. But lets just say that is a work in pregress. we counteed the "rings" in the tree and guess that it was over 100 years old. Cray Cray for sure!

We did have a very good week as far as misisonary work goes. We actually only taught and knock doors for 4 days of the week, we still had 7 awesome member present lesson and will hopefully be getting some people on date soon!. I feel #soblessed to be in the Staunton area right now! I will tell you guys about one of our lesson. :)
So Elder Bothell and I wake up at our normal 6:30 time to go play some basketball with a less active fellow. Holy sh8, at 7 in the morning here it was about 20 degrees, but we still played. The Less active member brought a friend of his and it was so cool. Both the less active and his friend used to be in prison. You always see those street ball games in the movies. Well that was us haha. We were in LAYERZ of clothes, just playing so 2 on 2, make it take it, with some awesome people! We were able to sit down for a little after we played and taught the less active's friend a lesson on the restoration. It was awesome. Like a kodak moment. Two missionaries, teaching in the freezing cold, on the street ball court, as the sun comes up! AHHH I love being a missionary!
 To go off my quote at the begginning: "Where much is givin, much is required". THat is defintly my companion and I right now. We feel #soblessed to be in this area write now. the misionary work is taking off!!! This week is "finding week" so please pray that we find as many as possible.
These are good. Found them at Sharp Shopper
 I love you guys at home!!! I am so thankful for everyone that has impacted my life! love you all, take care, good luck, and plz write me :)

K These computers won't let me upload pictures.... ahhh I will figure something out :/

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