Monday, December 16, 2013

Great Time To Be Alive

Wow, I can't believe it is already Monday again, and I am emailing :) time is flying here. It honestly would be nice if it would slow down a bite, because we have lots to do :) this week was another awesome week though, let me tell you :) 

Elder Tolman (from Woods Cross) and I Steady Mobbin

We found 6 new investigators this week! To bad this isn't finding week haha but it was still so awesome!! In addition to that; we found a family that is super excited, but we have not been able to teach them yet! And, we tracked into a Spanish family that we actually passed off to the Spanish speaking elders. I went to the last lesson with elder Tolman just so the family had a familiar face to see :) they spoke Spanish the whole time. And the whole time I just want to speak illonggo and see if they could understand :) I didn't , but I was able to understand lots of what they were saying because of illonggo! 

Also had this awesome allergic reaction to some cats and dogs :/ FML

We did have zone conference this week. It was nice, one thing that stuck out to me more than anything. The local stake president gave a training on focus. And he mentioned my favorite quote, "eye single to the glory." So as this awesome time of the year is approaching so fast; think about what your "glory" is that you want in the end!! 

I just love taking pictures

Idk if I told you guys about Robert, but he called us a few weeks back saying he wanted to get baptized. We lost contact with him for a while. But finally after my couple of phone calls :) he called us back excited as ever!! We taught him with the Waynesboro elders and committed him to baptism!! Woo-hoo, we are going to let the Waynesboro elders finish out teaching him just because they are struggling to find work. I am still so excited for him!! January 4th is the day!! I think that's is the same day I was baptized :0

We also had our ward Christmas party this week. It turned out amazing! I will admit that I was a little scared, especially since there was no church last week to organize it. But it turned out awesome!! It actually reminded me a lot of the good old North Canyon 2nd Ward :) I heard that theirs was on the same day, I hope that it went well :) love you guys in the home ward!

I ask myself if this is real life when I receive a used lint roller from my parents. 

Last I just want to put on here a song we listened to a lot this past week; The song is called Glorious. Under Especially for youth!

I have grown to love this song. I look back at all the people that I have came in contact with over my life. Each one of you played an important part in my symphony! Thank you so much for being a part of my life! I feel like I have the best symphony/life in the world! :)

Love you guys! Thank you so much for all of your support. I am probably using hangouts on Christmas if any of you are on :) or come to my house and Skye with my parents :) love you all and thanks for your support and prays :) 

P.S. who ever sent me these ducks! plz tell me!! It makes me lose sleep at night :( FML

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