Monday, December 9, 2013

Exciting Time of Year!

Wow this past week was so awesome! I have so many cool experiences this week, I can't wait to share them with you guys! 

First, I got to go out to my bishops house after emailing last week! Wow, he has a farm! haha We rolled a 200lb thing of hey out of his truck and then played with his: cows, chicken, pigs, goats, ass :) rabbits, horse, and this awesome baby horse! I am kind of getting used to this farm life style...... NOT. haha But it is still cool to try new things. 

Just hanging out with this baby horse.
Some little piggys

Second, Later that night we went to the a light parade. We figured it would be a great place to find new investigators, and also let people have the opportunities to see the missionaries. This parade was awesome! It reminded me of the 24th of July Parade at home. Only it wasn't hot outside and it was at night! I kind of life the change of scenery! Well the Staunton parade was awesome filled with high school marching bands, local church floats, sponsors, and the classic mayor etc. We actually did find a new investigator, so it was a good time for sure :)

Third, I got my first experience of public transportation! They have a town trolley and we rode around on it for about an hour! It's only 25 cents!! We didn't find anyone new investigators that time, but we can't wait to go back on it! It also takes us around the city so we get to see parts of this historic city we would not see other wise! 
This is who I am 

Forth, A cool experience we had this week. While eating dinner on Tuesday night, we get a call. The name "Andrew inv" comes up on our phone. I answer and the guy on the other end of the line goes onto stay; "I was taught by an Elder Frank a while back, lost contact with him, but I am ready to join your church." It was a total blessing, especially to come during "finding week." This work really is work it! 

Me in the car with a bunch of 20 year olds like wha??

Fifth, Wow, this was the best part of the week. A member in the ward got some of his friends from school together and invited us over. We had cookies, muffins, and Hot Chocolate. Then we walked down to the Black Friars Play House to see the play, The Christmas Carol. We get there to find out the only seats left were for standing room, so we took those. Well right before the play starts, a lady comes up to ask our group of friends if we would like to sit in the VIP seats? We say YES! WOW, it was so awesome, those seats that are above the stage, "where the audience watches you, as you watch the play". We had those seats! haha My Companion and I, in our "Suit and Tie", representing this amazing church center stage, It was so cool. The play went on and we actually participated in it a little :) It was so cool! 
Coming home from the play.

We were able to add a few others to our teaching pool. Many investigators we have, started to investigate the church because they had a friend that was always happy. And they want to feel the joy and hope they have. I know friends make a difference in people's life! Keep up being friends to everyone :)
Well yesterday in Staunton was a interesting day. The whole city shut down due to winter storm warning. Well we woke up to sunny skies, but by 11 o'clock sure enough there was an ice storm! Wow, a storm like I have never seen before! The rain was coming down and freezing instantly (as you can see in the pic). There ended up to be a solid 2 inches of ice on the roads, and even a frozen inch on the cars! Well it mad the cars look nice and shinny :)
Just some snow in Staunton

Even with that storm, we were able to watch the Christmas Devotional. It truly is a wonderful time of year. It was cool to hear from our church leaders, and let me echo a few words they said. "May we give as our Savior gives" and "See Christmas through the eyes of the kids." Kids truly are the most Chirst-like people on this earth today! 

 Sorry for all the selfies, but no one will take a picture with me :(

Thank you everyone for your support and prays! Love you guys and Happy Holidays!!

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