Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Wow, Merry Christmas everybody! They changed our p-day to today (Tuesday) for this week and next week because of the holiday season! Wow, it is such an awesome time of year. I love it here, it actually got up to 70 degrees on Sunday, but it is back down to the bone chilling cold. It has been a great week as far as missionary work goes though, I have some exciting news to tell :)

Big things for this week:
We set a baptismal date for Wesley!! Getting baptized on the 11th of January!!


We set Trinity and Zandar with a baptismal date! Both getting baptized on the 27th of February!!

It is such a cool experience for the opportunity missionaries have to help people feel the spirit! I love it!!

Oh, so I have an FML moment for this week. Not everyone will get this, woods cross soccer players will have to explain it :/ My comp and I go down to the gym to work out. I hop on a tread mill still pretty sleepy. I found the perfect pace for the "Woods Cross jog" at 4 mph. We used to run at this pass for hours on end so I got pretty used to it. So I am jogging along, bringing back the old memories of doing this for hours. Well, I closed my eyes just because I guess I was so used to that movement.... Next thing I know I fall right off the treadmill :( right onto the ground. Haha And I crash on a bike this week.... Not a very graceful week :/

We taught some really awesome lessons this week. One was to a guy, he was in a less active families home. He was taking shots of some absolute, and smoking... But he still loved the gospel! We come to find out we are actually teaching his son Stevo also! Way cool. Many of the people we teach are all because of one family in the ward. They aren't even active but they have such a strong testimony and they are not afraid to share it..... SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY. Haha the guy actually told us how he brings up religion with people. This last person he was sitting in court and he says to the guy next to him "how bout those Mormons" haha DONT BE AFRAID TO PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Have fun with it :)

OMG I love Firehouse Subs

Other things we did this week:
- Went to a 7th day Church
- We had a mission wide Christmas devo! So I got to see my old friends and I was especially happy because I got to hang out with elder Parkinson for a little!
- We went caroling at the old folks home with the young men and young women :)
- We played with a throwing shovel! These things are so cool!! They are just a 2 foot shovel with a sharp end to use like a throwing knife.
- We also went caroling with the Harada and Beidler families!

- Helped bishop do some farming, pushing off bails of hey!

I learned an awesome lesson this past week. We were trying to learn everyone on the ward roster. We visited a home, The dad appeared to be a member. We get there and they are actually setting up for their church Christmas party. They are both super active in another church but we talked for a solid hour. I realized, Most all churches have one common goal, to help the community!! Be friends with everyone, and if all the churches came together, life would be better for all.

The experience I am having out here are so awesome! Wouldn't change them for the world!! Love you all and thanks for all the support! Let me know if I can do anything you you :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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