Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 ---> 2014

Woo-Hoo. Wow I can not believe I am already getting to type another blog for this week. Time is flying on the mission, it is kind of scary, but I love it!!

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas :) I know I did.  Christmas is such an awesome time of year! I loved seeing all of my family, and some of my best friends! Love you guys and thanks for all ur support!!

So for a run down of this week:
Richmond's 200 year old home

Christmas Eve we ate dinner at the Richmond's home. This was the same home we had thanksgiving at :) we had some great food and I really felt the true meaning of Christmas. We made a nice fire and told some good Christmas stories :)

Love You all! Merry Christmas

Christmas was awesome :) we were able to be in member's homes all day! I loved it; spending time with families is soooo awesome. I am loving all the chance I get to meet so many awesome people!
Members are so Awesome here!!

I know it might be hard to believe, but the rest of the week was even better than the first part! We were able to set 5 more people for baptism :) February is going to be such a great month in the Staunton area. We are right now looking at 10 baptisms :0 I love this area!

One of the baptism is a guy we just tracked into this week. He was down :( like really down. Single guy, son just got arrested, you could tell he had many burdens. We simply talked about how Christ came to lift these burdens off of us and as you come to church you will find your life becoming easier. I love the fact that this is true, this gospel makes living life so much easier. :) if you see someone "down" maybe read a scripture with them.... Christ came so we could all live a happy life :)

So I have to tell you something awesome that happened yesterday, walking into 5 guys.... The first person we see is a member of our church from Europe somewhere. He asks what we are doing and my companion just says we are going to lunch for my birthday :/ BAM!! Pulls out 20 bucks! Members of the church are soooo nice. It really does amaze me you can go anywhere in the world and find awesome friendly people! I hope u all are treating the missionaries nice when you see them in ur area.... Cause they are treating us nice here :)

Penny Surfng

Idk if I mention but we are teaching a man named Steven. He is awesome! He is a rapper and is actually moving to Richmond in the coming months because his record label is tacking off. If you ever see an artist named tragik or a group named kurrupt concept. Buy there stuff! He is another one looking to get baptized! Many think it is impossible to be a rapper and a Mormon.... Well let's just watch and wait..... This guy could change some things :)
What a great Year!!

I can't believe that today is New Year's Eve... Wow, where did 2013 go?? I look back through all the awesome pictures I took and memories I made.... Thank you all so much for letting me be apart of all of ur fun :)

2013 is going down as the best year in my life thanks to all of you!!! ;)

I was thinking;  Let's all make one goal for 2014..... NO REGRETS

Happy New Year everybody!! Good luck, work hard, have fun, play hard, love you!!

- elder young

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