Monday, November 25, 2013


Well this was my last week in the inns broke ward. I loved it here. The people were so awesome and I hope to be able to serve here later in my mission :) 
Going to miss this guy, Elder Parkinson!

Just thought I would through this is cause Selfies of Dayzzzz

Some people smile in pictures.... HA

So Staunton is so awesome!!! It is so beautiful. This is a very old town from the 1800's and then there is tons of farm land. It is soooo cold here. My area is actually the coldest in the mission right now! It is 20 degrees outside in the sun with strong winds, making for a huge wind chill. Ehhhh :( it is dropping to single digits at night!

View from the Apartment

Even with all of the cold. I love it here!!! My last area it felt like there was not a lot of work to be done, well here there is! We found 7 new investigators this last Saturday. One of the doors we knocked on said, "if your religion teaches people the same family values Mitt Romney has, then It must be a true religion, and I want to join." Haha we were like HECK yeah!!! The people of Staunton are prepared to receive the gospel. Oh actually just a couple weeks ago, this area was changed from a branch to a ward! So it is kind of hectic finding out personal and stuff for the ward organization, but missionary work is in full strength! 
Gypsy Hill park
Elder Bothell and I going to town on those notes.

A big reason missionary work is so awesome here is because of my new companion Elder Bothell. He is actually from Viewmont high. He swam for them, and even swam at a school in Niagara Falls before coming to serve a mission! He is so awesome, definitely a prime companion. I feel #soblessed hahahahahaha

This week is Thanks Giving! What a wonderful time of year :) I am actually eating Thanks Giving in a 200 year old home! I am stocked! While thinking of Thanks Giving, I was thinking of what I did last year..... SOCCER TOURNEY in Saint George! I just have to say how grateful I am to my parents, my teammates, and my teammates' parents. That was our Forza teams last games together, and they were awesome. I know most of my teammates are on missions now, but just know how awesome it was playing on the same team as you. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had travel down there and playing my favorite sport, one last time with my favorite teammates. 

Well idk what else to say, I am freezing, my back hurts, but THE MISSIONARY WORK IN STAUNTON, VA IS PRESSING ON! 
Love you guys so much, and thanks for you support. 

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