Monday, November 18, 2013

Learn and Move Forward

Well this week is going to be short, sorry :/ Not a lot has happened this past week. Just a normal week in Richmond, Virginia!

K actually this week sucked. I was going to post like a hundred  SICK pictures..... but I formatted my memory card. Yeah..... It was definitely an FML moment. Here are some pics since then:
Elder Parkinson and I

Two lessons that I did learn this week are:
- "Open your eyes before you open your mouth"
- I was going through the area book and found a home. The family was investigating the church but stopped for no reason. We decided to visit the home. A man answered and it was not the same guy that was in the area book. But this guy was awesome! He accepted the Book of Mormon, and we are following up with him this week :) it is awesome to see the Lord's hand in missionary work.
Probably the best fortune cookie you can get while on a mission <3

Keep praying for the people in the Philippines. The sisters in my district are all safe, which is a relief! But devastation done to the people of the Philippines is  awful. Keep them in your prayers and good luck everybody!

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