Monday, November 4, 2013

Settling Down

Hey everyone :) I hope that you are all doing well! I have finally been able to get settled in and have a normal missionary week in Richmond! I have had some way cool experiences this week so I will share some of them :) 

First off I am on a bike.... we bike everywhere. On the average day we are biking 30 miles. We bike on the freeways and in the dark. Let me tell you, Richmond drivers are very scary and being on a bike when it is dark is scary :(
Biking in this beautiful City

I was able to do a lot of tracking this week. I actually really like it! Meeting new people and learning about different cultures is awesome. There is a nice variety of people here. Many Muslin and Hindu. Even if we don't get to "teach" them a lesson. I still enjoy talking with them, and I hope that they can feel our love for them and also God's love! 
First Street I ever Knocked Doors as a Missionary 

We were able to do a couple service projects this week! At one families house we racked over 500 gallons of pine needles into bags. Oh by the way, RICHMOND IS BEAUTIFUL. I always thought that Bountiful, Utah had awesome colors of leafs during the fall, but Richmond has even better! I hope you enjoy some of the pictures! 
Service with a smile :)

We were able to to contact a referral we got this week from head quarters! This family was living in a hotel. They let us right in, and we were able to teach an awesome lesson of the restored gospel. Later that week we went back and the dad answered the door, he said that his family no longer needed us, he was not there when were taught his family the first time and it was sad; Because we still feel like the rest of the family wanted us there :/ it was to bad.

We did however run into an awesome guy walking out of that hotel. We talked to him about so much stuff. Honestly, he taught me so much about life and everything! He didn't want to accept the gospel but was still so nice and I learn two true life lessons from him!

          1) A child raised on love, shows love.
          2) Our relationship with our Father in Heaven is OURS! It is personal. I was reading a talk from May 2013   conference. He said something that I had been thinking a lot about this past week. When we finally are               able to see God and meet him, we will recognize him. He will be our friend and will not be a stranger. So               just a thought; This life is about building our own relationship with God! We can't and shouldn't build                     anyone else.
Great Guy I met, Named Mark, from Connecticut 

Another lesson I learned this week was from a sister in the ward. She feed us dinner like normal but then we got talking. She is white, sorry just have to throw that out there (never met a white person from Africa). So she is from South Africa, Cape town. We talked with her about her journey over to America and why her and her family came. I learned so much about Cape town and the culture their. Let me tell you, life in the USA is soooo safe compared to their. I have definitely taken that for granted and that is one thing I will be thankful for this upcoming Thanks Giving! 

Last, just leave you with a idea to put in your head: the Restoration of the church had not already happened nor did it happen, it is CURRENTLY happening.

Love you all so much. Oh, now I am not able to print unlimited emails so I LOVE letters cause I can read them when ever and reply whenever! Also, I did think of a cool idea, If you want to send me an SD card like 1 gb, I will make a video on on my camera and send the SD card back to you in a letter :) just something fun. Love you all and thanks for your support!!! 

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