Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanks-Giving 2014 :0

This has been a week of changes haha and IDK even where to start! First off, HOLY COW, I can not even comprehend that it is already December 2014 and i will be 20 at the end of this month. This honestly completely blows my mind! I feel like i have not even been able to be a 19 year old yet :( but hey, who cares? Working for the Lord and that's the best part, even if it is weird sometimes :) 

So my Thanksgiving was awesome! We were invited over the sister Lynn Henshaw's home. Turns out she is actually the one that really started the branch and church was in her home for a while so she is great! Many of her family and grand kids came down so that was fun to meet even more people! One was a Chiropractor which was great to talk to about my back and such. I know Chiropractors have a bad rep but hey, That guy sold me and it even seems like a pretty cool profession! 

So two great lesson/experiences we had this week.

1st, so we have this brother in the ward. he is a former J-Dub and is a very interesting guy, Lives in the middle of no where but loves good and he read the Book of Mormon and Bible, and Doctrine Covenants many many times since he was baptized and joined about 2 or 3 years ago! So he is one that we have been working ever since i have been in the area. Before I guess he would not come to church much and when the missionaries saw him they would just argue with them about many of the concerns that he has with "da mormons".... but hey here comes the good part. So about 3 weeks ago I gave him the book titled, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith. So he has been studying for the past while and we go see him this past Friday and i guess everything changed! he was totally different, start off by apologizing and they just went OFF on how great this church is and how SOO many light bulbs have been going off in his head. It was a testimony builder to me to see what personal study can do. yeah we go teaching people the gospel but most people have to find the answers themselves so it actually means something to them! 

2nd we have found an awesome new Investigator this past week, we will call him Irving to be safe! There is a member from the church that is living at his place and I guess the missionaries have talked with him in the past but now he is ready to sit down and take it all in. We taught him twice this past week and both lesson went great! He does have a pretty bad smoking habit that we are trying to help him break because HE wants to!he set the goal to stop by Christmas, 2014. So Pray for him ;) and I know he will be able to be baptized by the end of the year! 

Thanks for all the love and support, Oh, elder Miller is getting transferred and I am staying in the great town area of Buckingham for the Christmas season! Love Yall and have a great week! #GodBless

Oh, PS. So the church is putting out some good stuff for Christmas. Check out and i will tell you all more about it next week!

At the lovely Ranch

More Ranch time. #LOVEIT

Elder Spring-stings and I

Selfie in the Mirror

Elder Springer, Crowley and I

I, Elder Crowley, Elder Malone (on exchange with last week), and Elder Crowley

Me just chilling waiting for Laundry

PANDA!!!! OMG I love this place. and have missed it lots! To bad the one is not even close to as good as Utah! :) 

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