Monday, December 8, 2014

Cold, BURRRRR :(

Well what a great week we have had in the heart of Virginia! I sure do love all of the nice scenery here and the great friend people we come in contact with. We have definitely had some fun experiences this week. Some of the fun stuff that has went on this week;

- Well i got a new companion! His name is Elder Charles and he is from Eugene Oregon. He is a nice guy, only been out 9 or so months but I am excited to serve with him!

-  So we were talking with this member that we are working to get re-baptized in the coming weeks and come to find out, She used to take care of a families dog that lived in my last area and wanted me to invite them to her re-baptism! Wow, what a small world, she hasn't been in contact with these people for a few years now, and I am now able to reconnect them :) what a fun way it is to see how the Lord oversees everything. i guess you could call that coincidence but really, i think the Lord has a hand in a lot more things than we realize!

- It is getting hecka cold here so that is no fun :( and dark early so that makes it pretty scary walking from house to house to house and night time :0 pray for me that I don't get shot in the middle of no where. :)

- We were able to help this nice brother in the ward with his family history. i think I told u all about him in some emails back. he is the one with the story about personal study. Anyways, when we got on to do his family history; all we had to input was his parents and LOTS and LOTS of stuff came up :) we even got one live back to the 1100's!

- This past weekend was cray cray to! The Richmond Midlothian Stake presidency was reorganized this past weekend so were were able to receive some training from, Elder Hallstrom and Elder Coon. What a great time it was being able to be in meetings with both of them, and many other great leaders in the local area! they talked a lot about the Work of Salvation in the in wards and branches and to close Elder Hallstrom talked about something very interesting. Reverence. What an interesting topic. he talked about how you can be reverent 100 percent of your life. It does not just mean that you have to be quite. You can be loud and reverent it that is an appropriate time to do so. That probably didn't make lots of since to you but hey, study it :)

I am so grateful for this Christmas time. We were able to attend a Methodist churches christmas program yesterday and what a joy it was. i hope all of you can make this the best Christmas yet by finding the true meaning of it and sharing the gift! Much love Elder Young

PS. I don't really need packages this year for Christmas, really i am trying to decluder. So just a nice letter would be great and we can all go shopping when i get home next year :) Love YaLL and BE SaFE

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