Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas and No Snow?? :(

Well, Christmas is drawing closer and sadly is doesn't really feel like that. it is probably just me because there is no snow here and lets be real, a white Christmas is the only way to go. Anyways i am sure this will be a great Christmas :) This has truly been a great testing work being a missionary. I has been one of those slow weeks, that in some ways is great but in others your just like come on, lets get Sunday here already :) Anyways here is some of the fun stuff that has gone on, and stuff i have learned this week 

  • I was able to help give a giant pig a shot! And It was a large pig, we were the ones that trapped it and leaned on the fence while the shot was given. The best part about being out here in Buckingham is the ability to try new things :) I really have learned to enjoy just the new adventures that come with the country. 
  •  Witnessed a car accident this week. Now many of you are probably like well that is not very fun but really. it was kind of funny. This truck just pulled out of no where at like 10 mph and backside T-boned this small car. Just watching it you could tell no one was hurt, We pulled over but nothing really ended up happening. But that makes my 3rd car accident i have witnessed in my like. 
  • During my studies I learned something interesting from Jesus the Christ. the term Blaspheme can also mean when u "sell God short of him being perfect. Wow, so many times we come in contact with people that don't believe God can speak to us today or that God can't help us with some things. Well everyone, God can! 
  • Well lately I was asked by the Family History member of the ward to help her getting set up again he family history center. So these past couple of weeks we have been working hard and with that i have made some Flyers of such to help 'Advertise" for it. I know there not perfect cause again, let be real, Did not have many tools to work with as a missionary but please email me with what ever improvements you think could be made. They will be printed on Thursday so email improvements by Wednesday :)   
  •  Something that stuck out to me from our church meetings yesterday, A sister in the branch mention how she realized how much knowledge that she take for granted. "Not everyone knows what we know". Speaking of the knowledge we gain as members of the church, especially from the Plan of salvation.  She encouraged the rest of the members to keep that in mind and share what you know! 
  • And during Fast and Testimony meeting we had one of the Less active members that we were working with, get up and just poor out his heart about how he fell away and now has realized his faults were more with the knowledge he had than with the church. He went on the mention "i am back and here to stay". Well I can say nothing makes you smile more as a missionary than hearing that! 

One Poster              Second Poster

Well thanks for reading, Sorry if it doesn't make since and have a great week! Good Luck! 

- Elder CJ Young

Oh and my brother sent my these cool balloon and I made these fun animals out of :0 hahah Enjoy 



the Front on my elephant

The pink Giraffe 

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