Tuesday, November 25, 2014


HELLO Everybody, and HAPPY THANKS GIVING! Well this is it, what a great time of the year and its time to start breaking out the Christmas music! :) #JBiebalbum To be real I don't even know where Time has gone this past year, I feel like it was just a few months ago I was up in Staunton loving life during the Holiday season and now I am in the heartland of Virginia! LOVE IT! This week has been, Well you could just say interesting, very similar to my week like 2 weeks ago with lots of fun miracles all during the week and then the weekend came and things got really. So hey, I guess i will just tell you all of Tuesday. So

at 10 the Zone leaders call and say that they are going to be a hour late coming down to us to exchange (ps missionaries are always late and let me tell you that grinds my gears). So Me being my antsy self decide to finally go to the church library and go print off something I have been meaning to print off for the past like 6 months of my mission. I made little insets from the page in Preach my gospel titled "The Book of Mormon Answers Questions to the Soul". So I print these off to put in the Books we are going to give out to people.  

So I am on exchange with elder Malone, he is from Box Elder and I guess knows many of my cousins up there so that was cool! #smallworld! We have a pretty average day, you know; teaching, healing, baptism :0 hahah but the best part was the end of the day!

The last few minutes of the day we go to find this former investigator and the GPS leads us right to a apt complex. Now let me tell you a little about Dillwyn Va. THERE IS NOTHING HERE! So to find a apt complex for us was like heaven. Se we park, stoked out of our mind and the first door we knock on let us in. We give them the spill, the ladies BFF is a member that lives up in Richmond so that was great. well when we present her with the Book of Mormon and show her the Questions. We ask if she has asked any of those recently, and she just started crying. She goes on to tell us a great story about how she has truly been searching for truth!

I do have to attribute this golden find to my mom, she taught me always be doing something and even though most of the time I didn’t love her for it. But hey, She is the reason i went to the church during that hour to print off those questions! So lesson for this week, Be Anxiously Engaged! Thanks for reading, sorry no pics. I promise they will come next week! Love you and good luck with life!

Elder Young

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