Tuesday, November 4, 2014

McLovin it :)

Wow, wow, wow what a week it has been here in Buckingham Virginia. Even though I feel like I am out in the middle of no where I have already grown to love it! The peace and beauty out here is what gets me! Elder Miller and I have had a great week meeting new people, providing some service and sharing some great experiences!

- The title of this blog is because there is only one fast food restaurant in our area and it just happens to be McDonalds so that is always fun. Talk about the super-size me diet :( 

- Most missionaries in Virginia right now I am sure are doing lots of leaf racking and such, well instead out here in Buckingham we do log splitting and wood cutting :) so what is great fun. I feel like I have been sore most of the week here just from the affects of that. But it is a great service we get to provide!

- One of the great people I got a chance to meet this week was a very nice homosexual guy. We just knocked on his door and he was a little stand-off-ish. We introduced ourselves and he just responded with well i think you guys are just going to judge me and I am not wanting to hear that. It was just great chance for me to bear my testimony that "HEY, you are a son of god, we are not here to judge you, just to help build you faith." After that he gladly accepted a Book of Mormon and said we could come back in a few weeks to see how his faith has grown. 

- I learned how to change the car battery this week. i know most carsit is pretty easy to do. But we changed it in an old Buick and well it was a challenge, but with the helpand guidance of a member we were able to do it!

- I don't know what it is but a lot of the people that we come in to contact with are older people and so it makes u wonder..... Are we just preparing these people to be "completely converted" in the spirit world. That is just a thought that runs through my head sometimes. Guess we will just never know the full effect of our efforts. 

- This week elder Miller get the feeling that we need to see this member that we were already planning on seeing the next day. But we go the day he gets the feeling and as we pull into his drive way he is out by his mail-box and passes-out! So we get him inside and he calls the EMTs to come and get him. We sit with him to make sure all goes well. Glad we were there to be able to help him out cuz he was alone! Spirit definitely working through us :) 

- we stopped by this former investigator this week just to see how things have been. I guess she was meeting with the missionaries about two or three years ago. Well we get taking to her she just complains about how she went to church with us for 3 Sundays in a row and all she heard was Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith. I apologized to her and we talked about how the main focus of our church really is Jesus Christ and building faith unto repentance in him. 

But now as I look back at it I realize that having a modern day prophet is a BIG THING! Not that the whole meeting should be about it, but that it is not a bad thing; we should be telling EVERYONE about it! Someone that god has as a mouth piece on the earth at this time, what could be better? FLAUNT IT :) not really but do realize the importance of it! 

- So this past Saturday we go over to this members house to to met him and get to know him and I guess he has been letting a friends mom stay over for the past 3 weeks while she is figuring stuff out. But guess what!?! The lady is my next best friend, hahah IDK why but we just get along so great and we have been able to tell her all about the church and she even came to church on Sunday! She is from Atlanta Georgia but hey, I am so lucky I got to meet her. Actually she reminds me a lot of my mom. This may sound weird but I have meet a few people that remind me of my mom and we get along amazing :0 hahaha

- There has been a lot of sad experiences since I have been here. in the past month there has been over 6 house fires and personal we have come in contact with two of the families. It is so so sad to see the devastation that has gone on :( I am glad that the Lord has sent me here to hopefully help these families out! 

- So lastly just wanted to mention a little more about what I wrote about last week. As we have been looking through old records and meeting member I have seen 3 things that is going to improve the work in this area. Not that there is one solution that can get everyone back to church but these three things I feel can move the work along in the area rapidly! BEING RESPECTFUL, CALM, AND LOVING. These three things I have seen are what soften peoples hearts. Honestly most people here just need a friend and to feel loved. Well, I guess that is one of our callings as missionaries :) I LOVE IT

Well thank you for reading! hopefully you enjoy and please keep me in ur prays!

Love Elder Young

P.S. Lots of Pictures next week :) 

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