Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Buckingham week 4

Well everyone, I can not believe it but I am already on my fourth week in Buckingham Virginia. Time is flying so so fast! Sometimes I want it to slow down, some times to speed up but then i realize hey, Just enjoy it as it comes. We had a couple of good training this past week in the mission about making sure to have the spirit when u are visiting with people. And the first requirement usually for them to feel the spirit is for them to be comfortable. Good lesson I guess i learned there. :) anyways, as far as the week was concerned it was great!

- So we were in a lesson this past Saturday with couple who has not been to church in some time, when out of the blue these 4 hunters come in and..... well lets just say they were not doing much hunting, instead just social drinking. But anyways they are all like what are u guys doing, what's going on, and we try and explain but hey, how much can u do when people are like that. I do have to admit that it was sad to see the lack of care those men had. On one hand they could be building up the kingdom of God, but instead they opt out and go with the world. Well, news flash! The world is failing to "Come, join with us." :)  

- i went on exchange this week with a great elder by the name of Crowley. he is a great missionary and we had lots of fun. It was cool cuz most of the day we spent with the youth of the branch. Seeing the examples that we can be to those kids is just awesome, makes me think of my many good examples and leaders growing up.

- We got in contact with this preacher from another denomination the other day and it was great. This guy you could just tell has been prepared his whole life. He told us a little about how he found God and then about how a few years ago he just felt like he needed to study more and more into religion. Also so go along with that many of his friends in his past home were members of the church so he is totally down for our message. At one point in his life he even had to stand up for our church against his pastor in criticizing us.  He is sweet! I will definitely keep u updated on the progress on him. We will call him Todd for privacy sake :)

- This past week has been awesome as far as service. We have been able to help out lots at the food pantry's in the area and I love it. Just on Friday morning alone we were able to give out food for more than 500 people. What a great feeling that is!

- Best part of the week was when we got a call from this unknown number. elder Miller was on the phone with him and I guess he just starts apologizing a ton and is is just so so so  sorry. Come to find out, we knocked on his door probably like a week ago and he just waves and slams the door. And now he is just feeling so so guilty and calls us. i feel bad for the guy cuz I am sure that God worked on him pretty hard that week.

But hey, that is a great lesson for the week! Never be afraid to share the gospel. One, Because I know that when we get in thee spirit world we will have those we invites come and thanks us. 2, God will make them feel guilty for not accepting the message, sometimes it doesn't come as fast as this guy but that seed will always work in those people!

Thanks for all ur love and support and have a great week!


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