Monday, June 2, 2014


Kamusta! Ako si elder Young. Kalbola ako nga importante ni JesuCristo kag palanga dois plano.

I did study my Illonggo today so I figured I would test it out a little bit :0 But anyways, it is so nice to be with you all on this wonderful planet at this time. It was great to get some of your graduation announcments. I can't believe that was me just one year ago! Cray Cray

This kids are the Beez Knees! #lovethem

Even more, I can not believe how fast time is flying on the mission. I love it, but it puts some great pressure on us sometimes! As far as the missionary work in the Chester/Chesterfield area of the Richmond Virginia Mission goes, it has been great! We have had some great Member Present lesson with our investigators. Being able to teach investigator in members homes is so much easier because you know in their home, there will be a great spirit there! Have to give a thanks & Shout-out to the awesome members here! 

I do want to tell you the SADDEST thing ever. A lady in the ward recently found out that she has stage 4 lung cancer! It is crazy! A tender mercy that she has told us is how she went to the temple for the first time just a few weeks before she found out. She know that the strength that she received from going to the temple is going to get her through this hard time. Such an amazing story she told us the day we were invited over to her house to give he a blessing. #lovepriesthoodpower #powerfromonhigh

K I just decided that I am going to give you a run down of our Sunday (yesterday). Let's just say that church was sub-par. No investigators came which I am not to sad because it was one of those Fast Sunday :0 but hey, still got to love church :)

After church we went to this referral we got from a Stake President in North Carolina. We were told, the lady we were meeting is a less-active who they have been working with, and she is a bit crazy. Holy moaly, a bit crazy was an understatement :) hahaha it was one of those lessons that you will remember for the rest of your life. I do have to say that I love meeting people like that. Just to give you a little mental image or back ground. Currently, she is staying with a old boyfriend that cut off her fingers last time she was hear. So yeah, plz pray for her! 



Always making these late night #9:00 Wendy runs

At least the next 2 activities for the day where a little more exciting :) we went to see this potential investigator when he son and friends run out to greet us. They are around 10 and want us to play ball with them. Their dad was asleep so we decide it would be great. Played ball with them for like an hour and at the end the dad came out and we had a nice talk with him. Missionary are all about sharing the gospel with the smile on your face!

We ended the night at the Stake Presidents house with a awesome dinner and one of his daughters invited a friend of hers to come over. We watched finding Faith in Christ, just what this boy needed and I know he felt the spirit. It was undeniable. I loved it! I love this gospel and I love all of you. Please keep send me stuff and in your prays :) 

Palanga Taka
- Elder Young

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