Monday, June 9, 2014

Members, Family History, and more MEMBERS!

Well, can you all believe it! I hit my 9 month mark in 2 days! Holla!! If I was a sister missionary that would be my Hump-Day, but luckily it is not and i have 15 more quality months ahead of me! 

ALso, WoW! It is summer time! Time to party, chill on the beach, take random road trips with friends, stay out late, eat the Mickey-Dsssss and 2 in the morning, sleep the day away, and "live for the nights that you can't remember, with the people that you won't forget." :0 but hey, I am now on a mission and would not want to be anywhere else in my life!

This week we just had was awesome. We had a great Zone Conference. My companion and I won 15 bucks for having the cleanest car #gettinworkdone #cleancar=spirit. My favorite training of the day was one a sister missionary gave on family history work. Wow, and that has applied so much into what we have done this  past week. She reviewed Family Search and how to use it. Also how we can help the members and even people that are totally not interested in the church, get excited about family history. 

The push for working with member is paying off big time! We have found lots of new investigators from it and also are planning a great Family Home evening tonight at our stake presidents house with lots of investigators. Not only is working with members a lot more fun, but you also meet more GREAT PEOPLE, and are able to have more success. It is probably true that you can teach more by just tracking. But by working through member you BAPTIZE MORE!

Encouragement from Elder Young; Seek people to find. Missionaries are suppose to teach and baptize. NOT FIND :) 
Just thought I would throw back to what i was doing last year at this time #worestjobever #funpeps

Well, I do have to say thank you to everyone for your prays and such. Please keep sending me letters and good stuff. I love it :) 

Love elder Young!

Ps. Sorry no pics this week, and that I look so fat in the pics below :( I am working on that! :)  

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