Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Fathers Day

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the nice men out there that I look up to, especially my DADDY :) 

This past week has been great! After two full transfers of being here, we have a solid teaching pool, and continuing to build the trust with the members. We did just get transfer calls this past week and.... Both Elder Tirrell and I are staying for our third transfer in the same area. Elder Oler is leaving the house which is sad to see, but always exciting to get someone new :0 

School just got out here, so we did not get to teach as many times this week as we would like, just with all the nice parties for Graduation, but hey. This upcoming week should be a good one :0 So I don't have a very long email this week, sorry but next week will be a good one :) promise! Also have good pictures next week :0 

WAIT, ONE THING. So I am giving a talk this upcoming week in church on "PREPARING TO SHARE THE GOSPEL" I would really like it if any of you would like to send me insights, stories, or anything I could use, I would really appropriate it :) 

Well love u all and have a good week! 

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