Monday, June 23, 2014


HELLO EVERYBODY :) wow, K some #realtalk here. It feels like forever since I emailed last. This week has been long, emotional, and yeah :0 but hey I am a missionary in the greatest ward!

So, Elder Oler did throw-up the deuces and left us. I will miss him, a solid guy and nice missionary. His replacement however is named Elder Kellis. He is from the state of OKC. He is a good missionary, chill guy, so no complaints there :)

K I am going to hit up some throwback this week. Many of you might not realize it. June 23 is one of those days that.... well lets just say a few things happened that day that changed my life LOTS! ONE YEAR ago TODAY. I opened my Mission Call to the Bacolod Philippines Mission. Well, look what has happened to me in that past year; I have already have some friends come and go, some have stayed around, I started a mission, AND I changed mission. I would say that this have been a crazy past year. I am sure this next part of my life will not be as hectic as the last, But hey! It has all been a great journey!

Cool story to go along with this weeks missionary work. So Elder Tirrell, and I were expecting one of us to leave so that is what we kind of planned on. So we had our Tuesday wide open with nothing scheduled. This made me a little angry just cuz i like a schedule but the thought went through my mind, maybe we aren't getting transferred just so we can find a solid new investigator. Well, we went out tracking and did just that. We had a young man with us and we found a family, and a sweet nice lady! It was meant to be that we didn't go to that meeting so we could find them! :) 

Other great things that went on this week.

Our Recent Convert just got married #lovelife #sololyfe

Billy, the sweet member we have been working with made it up to baptisms last week and got his Patriarchal Blessing yesterday. Progressing WELL :) #praysanswered

One of our "long term" investigators quite smoking after like 30 years of trying to stop. #willpower

Well Thats is all, I love you all, I pray for u! Send me a nice letter if u have the time and even care :0

- Elder CJ Young

PS, Here are some DOPE pics below

Sweet RC the other missionaries #TIZED

Basketball one P-day

Some more :) 

MY Favorite people!

Elder Tirrell, Me, Sister Heacock, Billy, and her son! 

Greatest People!

12 weeks ago. We foudn this cat in this parking spot a different person #atonmentisreal

Elder Strunning, a german

sweet awesome random picture :0

Cool Kidz on the Roof


Ewew, plz dont mind this awful face :(

Great time with these cuties

Our Posterity PICTURE

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