Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bugs can bit my ____ :(

Wow, I do have to say that I just had the "trunkiest" day as a missionary yesterday! hahah We did not have our P-day yesterday and it felt like the longest day ever. I Totally see why they give us p-day, it helps a ton :) BUT DANG! what a week the Swift Creek Area has had :) 

Just want to tell you a little bit about this awesome family we met a couple of weeks back. We were tracking in a apartment complex/town home area when we see a kid point to us and say, "I went to listen to the prophet of thier church yesterday" (the day after Elder Bednar came). We were like dang..... this is prime :) so we go and talk to him, come to find out he is a member and his mom is, they just moved back into this area and want to come to church again. And even have 2 un-baptized kids in their family As we have spent more and more time with is family I love them! We just helped them finish moving into their house yesterday! 

A big reason this family is now coming back to church is because of the 14 year old boy. He was the first one that we meet and he is awesome! He is the one that "put the team on this back" and is helping his family back to the gospel. HE IS AWESOME! 

But this was the not the only time this week where we meet with a family whose kids have stronger and deeper testimony's in the gospel than their parents! I have enjoyed so much being able to share a spiritual thought with a family, and seeing the kids bear witness of their testimony to their parents! An awesome thing. Who knows, by raising your kids right, they might be the ones to save u from straying off the the path down the road. We all know that the path is narrow to exaltation :0 
Say HI to the google streetview car :0

Went on a nice exhange with this boi #elderstrung #german

Made these nice cups for a lesson

hahahah My companions face :0

Loving this missionary life! <3

hahah I do have to give a nice Shout-Out to the Shelton and Alder families. Those two families
had us fooled this whole time we were in the ward. #mylifeisalie #goodjokes

But hey, I want you all to know that I love everyone of you. You are all so great and the examples set for me each day push me to be better. 

- Elder CJ

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