Monday, May 12, 2014


The title of this post is from  the video the church was trying to get out there for Mother's day. I hope all of you got to see it! if not, check it out! 

This was an awesome, super busy week before chatting with my family and friends yesterday! Kept my mind off seeing you all week which was probably a good thing :) but hey, here is some stuff of what has happened;

A great lady by the name of Goldy died in the ward this past week. I never got to meet her when she was healthy, but many members talked about how awesome she was. My companion and I gave her a blessing right before her death and I have to say it was a good experience. Knowing that death is not the end makes life so much better! Almost excited for her to die and return home because everyone knew she did everything she was suppose to do here! 

We also got to help the Community of Christ Church ( a reformation of our church) out with something called Caritos. This is where each local church takes in the homeless people for a week to feed them and help them find jobs. A pretty cool project! 

2nd best part of the week, next to video calling home, was that 4 people received the Priesthood in church on Sunday. And two of them happened to be recent converts! Man, I love being able to see people progress in this gospel and into what people want them to become!

Tweets for the week
- Played a full field game of soccer with 20 or so Elders and Sister! #throwback #woodscrosssoccer #missit
- Had a nice Frat party at our house after :0 20 plus elders needing showers #trillparty
- The priviledge on being pal bearer for a funeral. #deathnosting #gravenovictory
- Getting freaking HOT outside. #kindofscared #humititykills :0 
-Reconnected a family that has not heard anything from there brother in 7 months #coolexperience 

Another lesson I learned from Elder Bednar last week; Right now, being on a mission is a lot like college. We are enrolled in two year course. Two of the major ones are diligence 5100 patience 4510. Haha I really liked this analog because it is so true, I am learning so many skills that I could not learn anywhere else!

And that is why I love my mission. I love the support many of u give me! Please keep sending me letter, I love them, I love u and I love this work. AMEN :)

#brightlights  #bigcity

mission life

love these cuties

Seeing many of you was the bomb! love u!

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