Monday, May 5, 2014

Elder David A. Bednar #lavishlyfe

WOW, dang what a week it has been in the Richmond Virginia and Chessapeake Mission! We had the amazing chance to hear from Elder Bednar, his wife, a Presiding Bishopric, and member of the 70's conducted a meeting just for the missionaries! Crazy good. I wish I could tell you everything he said all at once but that would take for ever! So I will mention stuff here and there over the next couple of weeks! And I got to go hear him speak to the youth, truely a remarkable man called by God! 

I do have to tell you all about an amazing lesson that we had this week. We finally got to meet up with this bother and sister that we meet while back walking down the street. We did not know what lesson to share going in..... During the "small talk phase", the Plan of Salvation comes to mind. We begin teaching it (I do have to say one of the better Plan of Salvation lesson I have taught) but when we get to the Spirit world something amazing happens. the first thing that I mention about it, is that the faithful people do missionary work and help tell people of the same gospel we are telling to you now. She goes on to tell the story of when her mom dies, and the last thing she says is that "I am going to do work." That always kind of "haunt" their family they said. Because they did not know what it ment. It was amazing for me that I was able to answer that question for them and bring them peace. The plan of salvation is amazing and I love it so much! 

A great thing that Elder Bednar said is that when raising kids, doing everything for them cripples them. Making kids learn on their own shows more love than anything else. Well I do have to say that I am so glad my parents learned this concept :0 hahah
THis was a must buy :) #basketball for life


So much fun

but I just have to say I love u all so much. I am calling home this Mothers day (this Sunday!!!!) At 7 my time so 5 mountain time. I am using google hangouts so hope on for a sec if u can :) love to see all ur faces :)

Love this work

Tweets for the week :)
  • Started to volunteer at a Assisted Living, great time to serve people.
  • So much rain, like omg sooooo much!
  • Meet a member who played against Allen Iverson in High School. #superstar #shockhishand :)
  • Beginning to start a mission prep class for all the great young men and young women in the ward
  • 3 of my really good friends are going home this transfer :( Wish them the best and see them in a few #dueces
  • Got no transfer call :) #stayinghere

-Elder Chandler Joseph Young

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