Monday, April 28, 2014

TiZeD #gettingworkdone

HELLLLO everybody. I honestly can not believe that it is already Monday again. Another week that just completely flew by! Why did it fly by, because we were too busy worry about the little things in the world that make time slow down :)

So this week we had a Baptism! His name was Allen and had been investigating for about 3 months now. So when we got here he was already ready! I just had the great pleasure of teaching him a flew times! An awesome experience and I know that he made the right choice!

Such a Sweet Baptism #tized #godsplan

So he actually came in contact with the church because of a member #gf :0 but hey, doing work through the members is the way to do it! This was not the only sweet experience I had this week working with members! 

Just a nice selfie with a new Tie I bought #yolo

Yesterday during testimony meet, a lady got up to say that the missionaries came to her house for dinner 3 weeks ago and challenged her family to give away this Book of Mormon. She talked about how they prayed many times for a chance and it finally came. She bore her testimony on pray and the joy she felt when she was able to talk about the gospel. Member ALWAYS do the best missionary work :) 

Also, this last Saturday we found out that a former investigator is moving back into a members home and the member said she is already ready to get baptized. SO that is SWEET! Wow, I feel like that is another blessing through working with these great members!

Last, we were going to over to hang out a recent converts house, she is cool. And help her move some stuff. Well she had a man there who was totally awesome. We talked with him for a good long time. Come to find out that he had been in a serious accident that paralyzed him from the waist down. He told us about his past life and cool stuff he has done!

This is just to give you an idea of the cool stuff that he has done :) that is him in a previous accident. but Anyways, We comes to find out that he actually did the flooring for the DC Temple and told us about how amazing the temple was and the time and money that was put into it. We told him a little about how it is the Lord's House and cool stuff like that. This was another great chance to share the gospel through the members.

These were not all of the stories of working with members this week, there were more :) but hey. Can't write them all. I love this work so much. I love the chances I get to meet awesome people everyday I am out here, and hopefully change some lives. I love the gospel and the peace it brings.  Thanks for all your prays, love, support, :) keep it up! 

- Elder Chandles (i luf u) Young

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