Monday, April 7, 2014

Short but sweet - And PICS :)

Holy cow I can not believe that I am hitting my 7 month mark this week. totally blows my mind. Well this week has been awesome. Still meeting lots of members. I loved General Conference though! Favorite talks have to be; Elder Holland, Elder Stevenson, Elder Ballard, and Pres. Utchdorf Sunday morning :) I don't have much else to say but I promise I will have a good email next week :) Here are some pics from some weeks ago :)

Elder Fletcher!!!! love this guy

This guy changed my life. love him!

Got to go to Wes Baptism! Man, it was so sweet. Great choice he made!

Elder Spring, Rob, and I :) 

THis Elder changed my mission, now he is home. HE DID WORK his 2 years. love you man

always good seeing this boi again

Another pic with wesley

Our backyard

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