Monday, April 14, 2014


Wow, Hey everybody! I can't believe that is already Monday again. I know I probably say that
a lot but hey.... Time is cray cray. Especially when you are having fun! 

This mission is a blast and so is this area. Elder Terrill and I are continuing to BEAUTIFY this area. The members are awesome and we are trying to meet them all. We have really decided to work through the members. I love Elder Ballards talk from this past General Conference. FOLLOW-UP! Taking what President Gordon B. Hinckley said, " the best way to do the work is through the members ", and now with what Elder Ballard said. We are pushing forward with the work!

I love being in this area. The cool thing about being a missionary is that you have a huge area to cover, probably 10 thousand homes. And YOU have to find the ones that are prepared. We have had some great blessing find investigators not only through our own efforts, but through INSPIRATIONAL tracking.

With our hard work this week :) we have found a super solid Investigator. Her name is Ronda. She says she has tried all the churches, and has not found one for her. she committed to come to church in the coming weeks (when she doesn't work) But talking to her you get the feeling that she is solid. I am super excited to teach her more!

Something new I guess I will try. Got from another missionary: Tweets for the week

-Order 5 wings at B-Dubs and got 8 #soblessed #ontheloarderrand
-Listened to a members experience when she died. #weliveagain

Last, just wanted to promote the video the church wants to get viral. post it, tweet it, pin it, favorite.

Thank you all for you love and support :) 

- Elder Chandler Young


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