Monday, April 21, 2014

Miracles All Around

Check out this video. Sorry I got it up a week late! <3

What is up everybody, dang I just love emailing you all on  Mondays. Especially when I have a super good week :) 2 big stories I do need to tell!

As we were both shotgunned into this area. We are making our rounds in the ward trying to meet EVERYONE. We set a goal to visit every home on the ward roster by the end of the transfer! Well  a sweet experience happened when we were visiting the house of Paula. She lived down a long drive-way with tons of no trespassing signs. We were a little hesitant to go, but knew we were on the Lord's errand. Right as we knocked on the door she came out and just started crying. She was amazing. She bore her testimony to us and how she loves the church so much. She tells of that a while back one Sunday she didn't go because she was sick.... and hasn't been back since. She told us how she has such a strong desire to return and the strength that she has been praying for to return. Us being at her door at that time was a miracle. Also, because her mom has been against the church lately and she wasn't home. So the daughter was "able to talk frrely" haha. We were suppose to be there at that time. I love coming in contact with these type of people!

The second awesome miracle that happened this week was definitely a testimony builder that I am on the Lords errand. We got a call from a member in another ward to visit with some members that are currently living in an "extended stay". We felt some urgency with this request so we drove to find it. after we finally figured out where it was.... We found our self's outside with no way to get to them! There were 2 doors with security systems that we could not get through without a code. We tried calling them but the line was busy.... but we still felt like we needed to be there! We decided that in the mean time we will go help someone we say, that is like organizing their car. As we turned the corner we see a door slightly propped open, dang that was lucky! So we get through one layer of security :) and then head up the stairwell to find the next door we need to get through is slightly open! As we came to the room we knew that we were meant to be there!

I know that God has a hand in the missionary work and I love each time that I am able to see it!

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support! Plz Don't forget about me :) (: haha

Love Elder Chandler Young

Throw back to some corn hole on a youth trip

My favorite seat in the house

Sweet awesome picture i took

Mind on the money

Jordan that

Can't win without going for it # yolo

My BFF and I 

New easter Tie <3 thanks mommy

Cutting this nice man's hair :) sorry for the deadly ugly eyes :0

This is our life as a missionary! AND I LOVE IT

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