Monday, February 3, 2014

SnOw sNoW Snow!!

What is up errbody? haha I hope that you all had a good week. I did haha lots of good stuff :) Run down of the week:

Last P-day we were able to go walk through downtown Staunton. It was pretty cool. Apperantly it is one of the best "old" downtowns in the country! Tons of cool antique shops and we even went to a "glass blowing" musem. It was pretty cool; We got to watch how they blowing glass flowers, dishes, pots and tons of cool stuff. Just another Reason to love this area :)

We have had lots of good snow fall this past week. But because of that we have been walking lots :/ haha we walked for 6 miles one of the days this week.... Lets just say my back did not like me after doing that :( really makes me wonder if I was really ever suppose to go to the Philiuppines :0

We have taught lots of fun lessons this week. We are going to a baptism on the 15 of this month of the Harada kids. Super excited for them. I love that family :) other than that< just an average week :) haha

We did have a werid day this week. Jan 30th, literally nothing worked out haha. We had many plans for that day. to start off we were going to move someone out, and into another location in Staunton. Well we got there car loaded to find out they can't move in till tomorrow. So thjey made us unload everything back into their old house. haha LAME! and then the rest of the day, all the apooitnments we had feel through :0 wow, haha a learning expereice and something to laught about :)

Message for today reflects back on my goal for 2014. #noregrets2014 . It comes from a talk I have read about 3 times this past week from President Utchdorf titled Regrets and Resolutions.. Here is the link:

There are many things that I like from this talk. The 1st time I read it I felt like a failure... but reading it more I love it and am learning from it each time :) hope you guys enjoy it!

Love you guys, thanks for ur support and prays! Take Care & Good Luck

Love Elder Young

P.S. Pics wont upload this week :( so sorry!

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