Monday, February 10, 2014


This post is just of pictures form the past two weeks enjoy :)


Waiting for the meeting to start grind

cleaned my closet :) 

Eye Single to the glory

Doing werk

Cleaned this pantry for a kind soul

I love this guy. Best of wishes to him

"Throw it up, Throw it up, Watch it all fall out. --, and dolla billz" :0


More nice pictures with me and elder Jensen

Got to drive a little on exchanges with elder Strelyuk

Great district. Shout-out to sister Mannchen who is going home :) 

Only way to do it

Eye single to the glory

Me and the Elder unga

Love this elder

Moving so stuff. Soooo cold!
nothing says love like laying on a mattress in the back of a truck 

One of my best friends, rob Harada

haha I like it :)

Trinity and Zander, great kids getting baptized soon!

Love this family!

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