Monday, February 17, 2014

Tappa..... Wha?

Haha what is up everyone! I am now in the land of Tappahannock  It is a nice area. I just got here Saturday so I can't tell you to much about it, just that I am stocked to serve here! So why did I just get here on Saturday, Oh because we got 2 feet of snow on Thursday in Staunton. It was crazy!!! haha am uploading lots of pics to go along with this week. I figured a pictures says a million words so I will just upload lots of pics so enjoy. 

I do have a new address if any of you feel so inclined to send me stuff, Please do :) 

I also have to say how much I already miss Staunton! I LOVE Staunton. No joke, if any of you are reading this I miss you. I miss you, I miss you. I will hopefully be back for the Baptism on Saturday  But just know how much I love you all and thanks for making me feel at home it ur WARD! 

Just going HAM on this Cotton Candy


A good friend I have made in Staunton

One I love taking pictures. This one is a view from our deck of the roof top :)

Me and my good friend Gene :)

People in Staunton know what is up! 

this guy has changed my life. Love you brother. PS plz email me when u see this! 

Church in Downtown

A great family I have had the chance to teach

Love this pic!

HAHA I love Staunton

More pitures

This dogs name is Jose and I love him

haha my new favorite dog. He is am Akita

Such a sweet Heart

Great Family!!

I love this man, Wish the best to him

This is A great family in the ward. oh, he is the reason I have taken so many of these last pics in Black and White, he is my inspiration :)

The Rowe family, I loved teaching them :)

"this is how we dew, make a move....." haha

I love this family! They are so great. Wouldn't mind having one like them someday

Bishops new horses :)

Haha I feel like this pic could win a prize :)

It is snowing, and I love it!

Shoveled snow for 4 hours one day, My back hated me after that :0

These next couple are in the transfer van. I love these elders, really have made some great friends!

Just playing some ball before I depart from Staunton!

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