Monday, January 27, 2014

Wow. Snow season!!

Hey everyone, I finally feel like I am back in Utah with the weather this last week! It has been crazy crazy! Haha  we have had freezing cold temperatures... Like 5 degrees during the day, in the sun. Haha soooo cold! The best part is, that it has also snowed, and when it snows we can't drive, so we have been walking a lot this week :) haha look some pictures for u guys to see :)
The Hat Just Makes it Perfect

Cold weather SWAG

We also went and worked on a farm the day it snowed really hard! So I feed cows, chickens, ducks, rabbits, horses, cows and other fun stuff. Also took lots of pictures so yeah :) it was fun! Haha I would never want to own a farm, but helping on one and playing with the animals sure is fun. Also in the 5 degrees temperatures we built a deck!! Haha yolo.

The Real life, feeding animals

A good friend Pedro

Just me feeding some bunnies
Doin Work on the hey #twork

Chilling on some Hey :)

Animals going to town on the hey before we can get it off

Lots of cool things happened this week though. Blessing for walking through the freezing snow :) there a little phrase in preach my gospel and throughout missionaries: teach when u find, find when u teach. Well, we had 2 great examples of that this week. We have an hour so we got tracking in an apartment complex. First down we knock on the guys is super interested, taught the whole first lesson, started reading Book of Mormon, and committed to church. We find out he is moving down to North Carolina this week, but he said he would get in contact with missionaries down there :) just planting some seeds :) we also were reading some scriptures with a less active. As we are about to leave his friend walks in and sits down. We saw a great chance to help him "de-stress" as we talked about our purpose for being here on this earth. Taught him lots and committed him to baptism. :)  teach when u find, find when u teach

I hear from back home that two good friends are getting calls this week or soon. Good luck to you two :) I'm secretly hoping u come to Richmond but I'm excited to hear where u go :) love u both and thanks for u good examples to me!!
Visiting Sister Foster <3

Last just want to mention and interesting talk I read this past week. It was from President Ezra Taft Benson back in...... Yeah a while ago. He mentions the biggest lesson people now days need to learn from the Book of Mormon! PRIDE pride, is what ended the Book of Mormon people, and what is holding Zion back from being built today.
Whats up Utah, from me and Elder Strelyuk

Just enjoying this cold :)

Well, love u guys. I hope and pray ur having a good time where ever u are in the world! Good luck with this week, thanks for ur support and prays!! Let me know of I can do anything for u!

- Elder Young

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