Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey everyone

Hey everyone. Wow. I just want to start off by saying how thankful I am to have so many great friends and family! Either back home, or even on mission, I feel your guys support and it really does make the hard times better. This mission is such a good work. I love it in this area. I realize that many of my friends back home are either preparing to leave or turning in their won’t regret it. This work is true. It is the true gospel. Trust me, this would be hell if it wasn't true.... think about it. I know I could not go two years if I was preaching anything but the truth! This is the true restored Church. Same one Christ established when he came to the earth. The same gospel that is in Heaven. :)

The past week has been pretty good. Did't start off great, but yeah. We finished great :) lots of lessons and tender mercies! But my favorite part about the week was sacrament meeting yesterday. IDK what it was, but most of the not active people in the area that we have visited since I have been here, CAME! It was so great to see them! And the Murphy family came again :0 they are so awesome!!

Thought for this week.... Goes again off the past couple of weeks :/ sorry. But don"t count anyone out! I can't tell u how important this is! This week again I saw so many miracles just because of "never leaving someone behind." Sacrament meeting was a good example of this. But then also we went over to a less active members house., her nurse was there. BAMM! committed to read the Book of Mormon and coming to church! Be friends and talk to everyone and u will see miracles :)

I also learned this week: u will never regret being nice and talking to someone :)

Like I said above. Thank you for all ur support and prays! I hope you are all having a good time where ever you are in life :) until next week, take care!

This was from last week. When we had the pipes break :/ me and my good friends Elder Jenson

Steady Mobbin in the Russion Hat 

DANG Gurl :0

Love this area

Me, Elder Jensen, and Elder Baros

Love Elder Young

P.S. Shout out to the Broncos for going to the Superbowl. Even though I can't watch it, Good Luck!!

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