Thursday, October 3, 2013

Well the MTC is going awesome. I finally feel like I have got into a grove and honestly this past week flew by! I love my district so much. Four of the Sisters from my district where able to sing in the Relief Society Broadcast. It was cool to see them on TV. Look for them if you get a chance.

We have had so many good talks here at the MTC. Getting all of us super excited for conference.... haha never thought I would ever say that in my life :/ To start off, we had an awesome fast Sunday. We heard from the the MTC presidency about many things. Two things I took away from it: Patriartical blessing are like North stars, you should always look to it for direction. Also, "there are two dates on the mission plaque, but the only thing that matters.... it is the DASH in between." I LOVE that so much. I hope I am able to accomplish the most stuff possible out in the Philippines.

Another talk we heard was just this past Tuesday! It came from David S. Baxter. He is an awesome man. He is from Scotland and has tons of knowledge. He talked on so much, I wish I was able to get a copy of his talk. Key points I took out of it were: we are not able to be perfect till after resurrection. Anyone ever doubting the power of the LDS church, look at their service record. He listed off some of the most amazing statistics I have ever heard. Remember everybody, This is what the LDS church does, this is what your church does.

A good quote from this week is:

"Commandments are the application of the gospel"

The language is going great. I love it!! A simple rule when learning Illonggo and many other languages: Take out all of the crap you put in normal english, reconstruct the sentence backwards, and the translate it. I learned this week that I will be preaching in four langauges!! English, Cebuwano, tagologa, and Hiliguynon! I can wait to see all those different Books of Mormon.

My whole zone is leaving this coming week. It is going to be sad. I love them all so much and have taught me tons. Elder Howe (who is suppose to be leaving this coming week) broke both his elbows playing basketball last Friday, and so he has to go home for 5 weeks. It was an unlucky experience, I love that elder, best of luck to him. So with everyone leaving its my districts job to welcome everyone. Its going to be a crazy Wednesday this coming week!! HAHA pray for me :) I am not able to be the zone leader though because I don't have a companion.... but I still have to train the new zone leaders, its a weird situation ;/

I love it here so much. Thanks for the package Spencer, Hoody, Maddie and whoever else put stuff in :) love you guys. Really gives a boast to a missionary when he receives stuff from his best friends.

P.S. Send me lyrics to songs through a dearelder. I miss my jams. Love you all

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