Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Change of Plans

This week has been so awesome. Our last week in the MTC. I have been able to watch all of my sister leave for the Philippines. :) 

BYE bye shout out to Sister Viliami, Ribelin, and Haun
Don't look back when there is so much good ahead

But with that, I also have some big news.... About 2 Weeks ago I went and saw the doctor because my back started to bother me while I was teaching a lesson. Stuff happens, I do some X-rays, blood work, and MRI. The doctors and MTC President have decided not to allow me to go to the Philippines with these injures. They have decided that I will be going state side. They have said that if I am able to make it through Physical therapy and my back is 100 that they will let me go to the Philippines. 

Well I did finally get my new reassignment and it is: Richmond, Virginia

I am so grateful for this time in the MTC. I have loved it here. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it sucked. But there were so many more amazing times. I am grateful that I was able to stay in the MTC while I waited for my call! I have had 2 amazing spiritual experience with my teacher; since all the sisters left. 

I have learned through all of these ups and downs here that god has a plan for us. WE JUST NEED TO HAVE FAITH IN HIS PLAN. I invite everyone to watch this clip:

"The Lord will test you, try you, then raise you to YOUR glory."

I know that god has another plan for me. I am excited to see what happens in Richmond, Virginia  Thanks everyone for all of your support. Love you all and good luck!!!

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