Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wild on the East Coast

HAHA, So sorry everyone that it has taken so long for me to get on here and write another email. monday was a holiday, Tuesday we emailed for a little but had lessons, so here we are today. Boi has it been the craziest past couple weeks ever! From people going to jail, to going and coming from psych wards, all the way to teaching intoxicated people, a man recently baptized had a stroke, then some people having babies. It has definitely kept me on my toes :) and so much I have learned!

- Been doing lots of Family History, since we don't spend lots of time on technology and I'll admit I go through some withdrawals from it. Doing Family History allows you on a computer to do the Lords work. So now I have just grown to love doing family history for anyone and everyone!

- So sad story this past week. As we were knocking on a members door one morning, she is like "what happened to your car"..... There was a huge dent and scratches on it! Like really. I guess someone must have side swiped us while we were parked at a lesson the previous night and not had the dignity to leave a note..... PEOPLE these days!

- I don't know if any of you have seen the pamphlets that we use as missionaries. I always thought they were nice but never really use them until this past week. With our goal to find the 'Ones God has prepared" We began giving people these to read before the Book of Mormon and boi did it help out. When we came back, those that actually read it were so excited for us to give them The Book of Mormon and it was great to see the commitment. Commitment is one of the hardest parts of a mission, not only always being 100 committed to the mission, but discerning the commitment level for those you work with.

- Now for the hardest lesson of the week, and we honestly get these lessons every so often. A member invites us over to teach there friend. I really like to ask questions just to track where people on with their spirituality. Well lets just say that teaching people that don't have a desire to go anywhere after this life makes things really hard!  I have not find out how to really touch these peoples hearts yet, I guess it will come to them in time. But I do have to say it totally grinds my gears when people don't care about life. I guess they don't realize how much of a privilege it is!

- We meet this sweet guy this week. He is head of finances for the Department of Agriculture. he is literally the one that takes money in and out of the economy, and if any of you were wondering. He is a very religious guy! Always goes to church, loves God, but very busy. Hopefully we can continue to share more with him though!

- Many of you have asked, How the weather?? Well this week the weather has been so awesome! Actually the past couple of weeks have been so great! Nothing beats doing missionary work when the weather is nice outside. It really does make people happier!

- Last, with getting done with the Book of Mormon reading and back into "normal" study, I have loved studying even more! This past couple weeks have been some of the best studies of me mission! to share a few things of what I learned;

Time Heals All. This has come up in my studies so much this week either while reading the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, or out teaching. God's timing is everything, and we just have to do our best to find it out!

We are to all raise a voice of warning! This was a great study that I had all about it is our DUTY to raise this voice of warning. This a responsibility and I am sure God will hold us accountable if we warned our neighbors. Hit up Warnings in the Topical Guide for a good study.

As members of the church we are only building their knowledge. Should not be taking any away. We are adding to it and maybe sometimes we do have to mold it. I have found this to be so true as we teach. Showing people this is not totally new, but just NEW AND IMPROVED (if that makes since).

Last today I studied about the Work of Salvation, specifically the Less-Active work that we do. It is true that members of the church are held to a higher standard than the world. We have made the promise at baptism and even more in the temple. it is my goal to remember this. WE HAVE TO LIVE TO A HIGHER STANDARD. And I hope that u all can strive to do the same.

Well thanks so much for reading, It was nice and long :0 There will be some more pictures up here soon. Sorry it has taken so long! Oh, and it is transfers this week and there is a chance i will leave. So maybe wait to send letters, but still write them in preparation to send :0 love you all and Good Luck with your week!

- Elder CJ Young

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